Doubt about IP's to cheat youtube algorithm

Hello colleagues, I have a question.

The truth is I’m not a computer genius, but I’m making shorts for youtube to create passive income for reproductions, I will focus on uploading quotes for people to read them, but I had a doubt.

If youtube is good for retaining people, I had a doubt and if it is if it works.

If I change my IP and then open a youtube account to watch the shorts or reel and let it play for some time, I would be pretending to retain that supposed person. Does this work?

Or it does not work, I would have to use another method? I am curious. If I am wrong, how can we simulate that you try.

Thanks for your help.

waste of time doing this…

Half info.

Whats your reasoning behind this? Why is it a waste of time?



Lost in the method I mentioned?
Or because of wanting to have passive income?

Assuming it takes 30 seconds to view 1 youtube short and another 30 seconds to set up the account (Switch account, IP, search video, etc…), plus how your short might be recommended to the wrong audience (which lowers your video overall performance), I don’t think it’s worth it.

I suggest you promote your channel on TikTok instead. Simply upload the same short or edit as needed, it will only take around 1 minute to upload.

But you know your situation best, so it’s still better for you to decide.

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Hi, thanks for commenting, I find what you say interesting.

In fact with artificial intelligence I made 100 videos for reels, shorts and tik tok in less than 30 minutes is impressive.

Then I uploaded it in the 3 social networks and I have more success as you say in tik tok, so I will focus there, I just do not yet know if that is monetized.

Another thing also about the waste of time, well I thought so, if one goes to train 2 hours giving an example and I change my IP and let it play several videos the algorithm would see it well no? and about the audience use SEO to show it to people in my microniche.

gracias por contestar.