Dorik (1-Year Premium Free Plan)

Build Your Online Presence in Minutes!

Websites - Create responsive websites with unlimited pages for any purpose in minutes.

Landing Pages - Build beautiful, fast, and lead-generating landing pages that fit your needs.

Beautifully Designed Templates to Launch Your Next Website - Build beautiful websites using its templates for anything, including SaaS, Web/Mobile App, Personal & Agency Websites. Select your starting template and customize it easily.

140+ UI Blocks - Insert pre-designed components with 1 click.

What’s the Benefit of using Dorik?
Easy to use
No Code website Builder
140+ UI Components
Available with multiple templates and Integrations
Free to use for 1-year with its highest plan

Best Suited For -
SMBs and SMEs
Online Businesses



Bro what to do after purchasing from the site?

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You need Working CC to check out

can you please provide suitable bin so that we can access it?

Use Pyypl, create an account, then u will get free VCC. U can connect your VCC with PayPal.
Try it, and good luck :handshake::pray:

Is this offer still available?

yes its working but needs cc or paypal

and + it asks 1 doller if you add cc for verifiying so not free idk about paypal

I used PayPal for payment. And it’s free, at no charge. Just remember don’t forget to cancel the subscription, if not you will get charged 500$. :wink:

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snx! Very nice service!

yes same issue with me as well

Yes i also used paypal and added reminder to cancel suscription one day beforre it expires :joy:
thanks freesoff and Alvindo Putra for sharing

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Good :grin: it’s not funny at all if we forget to cancel before the subscription expired. I mean, it’s 500$ :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: in Indonesia it same with 7.000.000Rp
You can buy a new laptop/good PC :rofl: or you can buy an ice cream stall :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: it’s a lot of money.

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:rofl: :rofl: True in that much amount of money we can hire a professional web dev to make website and buy a laptop

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Could you please close this thread, @admin?
because the giveaway is over. All of the FREE coupon codes have already been used.
thanks in advance. :wink:

kidnly remind you guys, dont forget to cancel the subscription before it expires. :slightly_smiling_face: