[DONWLOAD] Udemy Zero to Hero Java SpringBoot & JPA Mastery with Real Project


  • We will learn different concepts Spring Framework and RESTful webservices
  • We will learn about different design patterns like Singleton, Prototype, Factory, MVC, Adapter etc
  • We will learn to create production ready application in a layered architecture
  • We will learn about profiles, error handling, logging
  • We will learn about ORM and Spring data JPA(Java Persistence API)
  • We will learn about Entity Relationship in Spring Data JPA
  • We will implement Swagger API documentation
  • We will also learn to implement application health monitoring
  • We will learn to solve code quality issues using Sonar Scan tool
  • We will learn about maven build management tool
  • We will learn about debugging techniques for multi layer application
  • We will learn to test application with Postman client
  • We will cover all this topics with the help examples and hands-on coding
  • We will develop a real world project which you can use it for yourself


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