[DOMESTIKA] Adobe Illustrator for Beginners Free Download

DOMESTIKA - Adobe Illustrator for Beginners​ Free Download. Learn how to use the leading design software from scratch to create a great variety of vector designs.

Course overview

Delve into graphic design and explore Adobe Illustrator’s full potential with this 6-course Domestika Basics. Learn to design high-quality vector graphics for branding, typography, web design, or any other digital project where eye-catching graphics are a must.

Adobe Illustrator is the most important tool in award-winning designer Tina Touli’s daily workflow, especially when it comes to creating designs for print and digital campaigns by Adobe, Dell, Tate, Converse, Kappa, and more.

Tina begins this Basics course by introducing you to the software’s interface and showing you how to set up your first document. She then shows you how to draw your first shapes and graphics with the program’s fundamental tools.

Discover how to expertly add color to your work in the second course. Learn the ins and outs of the tools, create a pattern design using your new skills, and see how to adapt a design to a product.

Get started with digital drawing in the third course, practicing Tina’s tricks for creating artwork with a handmade look and feel. Experiment with different effects and textures to explore the software’s illustration functions. Finish the course by learning how to convert your artwork into vector graphics.

Technical Requirements

⦁ A computer with Windows 7 (or higher) or macOS 10.12 (Sierra).
⦁ Adobe Illustrator CC (you can either buy it or download the 7-day trial version on the Adobe website.
⦁ A graphics tablet is recommended, but not essential to take the course.

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