✅ Dolphin{anty} - a modern antidetect browser! - # 10 free profiles for everyone #

The Dolphin Team welcomes all readers and thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

We present to your attention DolphinAnty - a modern antidetect browser with powerful functionality that is available to everyone!
This is a universal solution for any user associated with the IT field of activity: affiliate marketing, selling and buying cryptocurrencies,
trading, betting, gambling and much more :zap:

With high-quality fingerprint spoofing, you can create unique digital identities and manage dozens, hundreds,
thousands and even tens of thousands of accounts of absolutely any site or service in one place, without the risk of being banned!

Works great with: — Facebook , — Instagram , — Google, — YouTube, — Twitter, — TikTok, — Coinlist, — Huobi … etc.

By using Dolphin{anty} you will notice the following benefits:

:white_check_mark: Manage browser profiles
Work with hundreds of unique profiles from a single device. Each profile is a unique browser fingerprint with a separate web environment.
Cache, cookies and other settings are completely separated from each other, which does not allow them to be associated with other accounts.

:white_check_mark: Real profile fingerprints based on our personal browser build
Using our browser, you will be as close as possible to a regular Internet user. We have worked very hard on the mechanism for creating fingerprints, using a huge number of parameters at a fundamental level, so that they are verified by any scanners, including iphey, pixelscan and others.

:white_check_mark: Teamwork
A modern antidetect browser requires not only a high-quality replacement of fingerprints, but also convenient collaboration, tracking the status of accounts, work progress, roles of team members, etc. We have worked hard on this feature and made it really convenient and efficient!

:white_check_mark: Notes, tags and statuses
Simplicity and ease of use of the browser is one of the highest priority items.
Quickly creating a note or setting a status for each profile will help create the most intuitive working environment.

:white_check_mark: Mass creation and management
To work effectively with a large amount of data, you just need the functionality for mass creation and management, of course, we paid attention to this and made it possible to create, manage, apply and massively delete browser profiles, proxies and extensions in a few clicks.

:exclamation:Dear users, we also did not forget about such important features as:
:zap:cookies robot,
:zap:working through the API,
:zap:Selenium/Puppeteer automation,
:zap:paste as human/SmartPaste functionality,
:zap:recycle bin of deleted profiles,
:zap:transferring profiles to another user,
:zap:black or light theme

  • all this is already implemented and available for use!
    In addition, we are constantly updating all the functionality, including the UserAgent and adding a new one.

Appearance of the browser interface:

In today’s world, antidetect browser should be a tool from the category of “accessible to everyone”,
that’s why we tried to make very flexible tariff plans at the most affordable prices for all ordinary users!

We are always ready to help with any question, if you want to contact us, please write to us in private messages on this forum or email [email protected].

Register an account, download a browser and find out more information on official sources:

Best regards, Dolphin Team!


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Hi, Alex on the line!
I’m Dolphin{anty} product manager :wink:

I’m gonna answer one of the most popular questions today: Who needs Dolphin{anty}?
In our team, we believe that everyone needs Dolphin{anty} nowadays.
But today let’s discuss features for people who are doing betting

:zap:How does Dolphin{anty} help in this work?

:white_check_mark: Bypassing betting scanners
Reliable protection from identifying you and device

:white_check_mark: Compatible with any proxy
Impersonate any user of the necessary geo

:white_check_mark: More than 20 customizable fingerprint settings
Including WebRTC, Canvas, WebGL, Client Rects,
browser, time zone, language, GEO, CPU type, memory etc.

:white_check_mark: Millions of real user prints
The ability to customize fingerprint settings by yourself

:white_check_mark: Comfortable working solo or in a team
Tools to analyze each participant’s productivity

:white_check_mark: Automate your work
Customize statuses, tags, bookmarks, and quick search pages

:zap: Incredible promotion by Dolphin{anty}
Switch from your old anti-detect browser to Dolphin{anty}

:exclamation:We’ll compensate your remaining days on the old anti-detect browser,
plus grant up to 2 months of free access to Dolphin{anty}

:white_check_mark: Full terms and conditions of the promo here — usnd.to/Co1n
:white_check_mark: To participate in the promotion write “move” here — @dolphin_support_bot