Does google block me if i create 50 gmail accounts?

Hi i am thinking to create 50+ gmail account . All account will be used for different purpose.

I have listed a business on google map.

So i am planning to put fake review on this using this 50 + my created gmail account.

Is there any problem that google ban my ip address.?

Or google will suspend my listing?

Does google track everything that what i am doing??


I don’t know about the blocking of IP but definitely google track our activities online :slight_smile:


I bliv they will ask for phone verification. Then it will be sth like 3-4 emails per phone number…


I think they won’t. But how you bypass phone verif?
Do you have a lot of phone number?


i Think it’s not work out because my 5th google account blocked after the 1 day from created date (google knows our ip address and login or created device information)

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First of all, you need to be authenticated using phone number. Now that is the first obstacle that need to be passed first. How’d you plan to do it?

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I have maneged to create 12 different gmail account without a phone number.Now everytime I want to create a mail id it asks for a phone number.

The Problem is not creating mail ids. The reviews are not getting published. I have tried this for one of my business profiles. Every time google tracks something I think. I changed my mac address and IP address by turning on and off my internet connection and clearing browser data as well. But the reviews not getting published to the profile.

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Noticed you posted this question on another website with just 1 reply.

I see everyone trying to help, but no comment from you. So, we would really love to know if you found the answer to your query.


It restricts you from creating more than 10 emails for one phone number. I have tried it. but if you delete the privious email id, it will allow you to create a new one from that same phone n.o. I think you can even create with the same name as the deleted email address, just saying I never tried the same name thing

Google doesnt ask for verification if you create account through youtube mobile app

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Simply ask your family members, friends, FB friends or anyone that you know to give reviews. If they don’t know how to do it, teach them! But of course, if you provide better services or products than usually your customers will give good reviews themselves.


why do create 50 gmail,
yahoo is equally good and there are so many mail providers

Currently, I’m Using 22 emails from the same IP on my Laptop. Even sometimes 22 open at a time. Working smoothly. But you have to Create a Chrome Profile for each individual mail. And try to use Phone Network Data. Not recommended to use under wifi. Did not try 50 mail But I think changing Ip and using Multiple profiles can be done on a Single PC :slight_smile:


register google accounts through emulators. then they won’t ask for phone numbers

tuxler vpn use to create a lot of gmail

Hi. Thnk you… For all the comments… Recently one of my email is suspended… But others are working well