Does anybody know effective methods to earn money online?

I have seen the page on money-making on and used some of its ways but don’t find them helpful. Please if anybody can tell me some ways so that I can pay out my bills. It would be really helpful.

There’s no easy quick way but there are plenty of ways if you’re willing to stick to it and put in the effort. I find my biggest problem is I see something new and never stick to one thing long enough.

I recommend checking out the side hustle podcast. Lots of great ways to earn money on the side. Very unique and interesting things there.


You can sign up as affiliates for websites like Flipkart(India), Myntra(India) and Amazon etc. and encourage your friends and others you know, to use your affiliate links when they want to purchase anything. Everytime people use your link, you get a portion of the sale as affiliate fees. Once you reach a certain threshold, they’ll start transferring the funds to your bank account.

It’s a long process but it definitely works. I have made 5-6k Indian rupees but it took me years because of lack of my efforts into promoting myself. But I know people who make 10-15k a month with just affiliation to sites and promoting their links. With Amazon, getting into their program is a bit challenging since they will constantly monitor your website details you mention. I think with Flipkart it’s more lax.

If you’re good at content writing, there are plenty of opportunities where you can make some decent money writing content for sites.

To reach a state where you can pay your bills with your side hustles, it will definitely take some time if you stick to it.


Forgot to add. Please don’t use clixsense and any other such sites. You’ll simply end up wasting a lot of time and 9/10 times you’ll end up with nothing because you may never quality for their surveys and it’ll be a big waste of time.

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