Do anyone here know which backend software / plugin is used to create a group buy SEO tools website?

I have seen many group buy seo tools website that use a member pro for user management.

But do anyone here know which software is used to to manage the SEO accounts for which cookie based access is shared between users.

The current software used by many can track the credits used per day as well

that way you can have fair usage by everyone.

I know many people run such sites here and I would be interested to know how it works?

These group buy SEO tools websites typically operate on a subscription-based model, where users pay a monthly or annual fee to access a range of SEO tools. The website owner then purchases access to these tools from the providers and shares the access with their users. The user management is typically handled through a membership plugin like MemberPress or Ultimate Member, which allows users to create accounts, log in, and access the shared SEO tools.

To ensure fair usage of the shared accounts, some websites may implement a credit-based system where users are allocated a certain number of credits each day or week. These credits are used up when the user accesses a tool, and once they’ve run out, the user has to wait until their credits reset before they can use the tools again.

To manage this credit-based system, some websites may use a custom-built solution, while others may use a pre-existing tool like Pabbly Subscriptions or Chargify. These tools allow website owners to set up subscription plans, manage payments, and allocate credits to users based on their subscription level.

Overall, the exact software used to manage SEO accounts in a group buy setting can vary depending on the specific website and its requirements. However, by using a membership plugin and a credit-based system, website owners can ensure fair usage of the shared accounts and provide their users with access to a range of SEO tools at a more affordable price point.

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@smithwalker Wow what an amazing question you have raised

Same I’m also have that doubt

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Thanks for the detailed reply Pabbly sub and Chargify is new to me.

However I’m specefically looking for the Cookie Management

How they manage to get the cookies to update at each login so the same browser session is accessed by other users.

Maybe any PHP devs can shed some light here.

I searched on stackoverflow too but unable to get the answer.

Since this forum has some people actually running those sites though maybe I can get some help.

@Hakketee You da back end developer. Answer this guy!!!

Lol :joy: I thought so, thanks though for clarifying :nerd_face:

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