Django: Getting Started Course

Django is one of the most popular web frameworks for coding in Python. It includes libraries for: templating HTML content, URL routing, views, a robust Object Relational Model (ORM) for mapping classes to database queries, HTML form management, a built-in administrative tool, and much more. This course teaches you how to build your first Django project and guides you through the key parts of the library.

What You’ll Learn

– Set up a new project
– Understand Django’s project structure
– How to use the Django database ORM, including: common fields, writing queries, Foreign Keys and related objects, and lightweight migrations
– Create function
based views: the code that responds to the browser
– Turn data to HTML with HTML Templates
– User management: Creating users, managing logins, password resets, and the
– Built-in admin for users
– Data management: Loading / saving database fixtures
– Mapping URLs and URL patters to function*based views with URL routing
– HTML Forms: GET vs POST, submitting data to server, and using the forms library
– Considerations when deploying Django
– Third party libraries: A quick tour of popular libraries and how to install them
– View the full course outline.

Source code and course GitHub repository

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