[DISCUSS] How can i get my Wordpress site monetized ?

Hey everyone!

Hope you are doing good! Being a part of FREESOFF has always helped me and I have managed to learn new stuff from all types of stuff posted here. Today, I need some help with my WordPress site (it’s in development currently). I will provide educational content like BOOKs’ pdf, online video courses on my website.

Since it will be hosted on some paid web hosting, I want to recover the cost by running ads on my site or by any means. I have some content (study material ) that is of my own, I am the owner and I will post it on my website too but major stuff that I will upload on my site will be either book (pdf) from some bigger publication. And some video lectures from renowned institutions. Of course, that’s copyright infringement but sites like https://freeupscmaterials.org/ have been doing this for a long time ( since 2017). The mentioned site has google ads running on it.

It basically only provides pdf files that are hosted on google drive, some similar sites with adsense approved are either uploading the material on mega.nz or google drive.

How can I do this on my site too, how can I get Google Adsense approval ?, this question is important to me because this will be the only way to recover hosting charges, I have read in blogs that google doesn’t approve these types of websites.

> Any help would be highly appreciated

Let me know your thoughts