Discord Token Information Tool | Source - Github

Extract useful information from a single users Discord authorization token.


:one: Download and install Python 3
:two: Download this repository
:three: Go to the downloaded repository directory via cd .\Discord-Token-Information-Tool
:four: Install the required modules via pip3 install -r requirements.txt

What Information DTI Can Extract

:black_small_square: Username
:black_small_square: User ID
:black_small_square: Avatar URL
:black_small_square: Account creation date
:black_small_square: Phone number
:black_small_square: Email
:black_small_square: Billing information (address, full name, credit card information, PayPal information etc.)
:black_small_square: 2FA/MFA status
:black_small_square: Account flags
:black_small_square: Locale
:black_small_square: Language
:black_small_square: Email verification status
:black_small_square: Nitro information (status, expiration date in days)

:link: GitHub - wodxgod/DTI: Discord Token Information Tool

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