Digital Marketer lab full course [Need Uploader]

hello, I m looking for someone who can post digital marketer lab all courses on with a backup as they get removed. I have 14 days trial in the lab but my upload speed is 1 Mbps so I cannot do this. if there is someone reputed here to help and download the whole lab and post the course here on my behalf it will be awesome and don’t forget to make a backup. I was trying for a leader but support is very slow so posting this here.

Is it the actual name of the course? You have a link to the sales page?

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I have login details to lab you can access to it via my 14 days trial access

It includes many topics insiders workshops playbooks etc not a single course

Please share with us bro

looking good. will try to get the 14 day access and try to download them all

login and purchase the 14 days trial but all the courses was still locked. hmmmmm