Did you hear? Andrew Tate detained in Romania

Controversial online influencer Andrew Tate has been detained in Romania as part of a human trafficking and rape investigation.

This article is 2 months old, but was curious to know what are your views, considering there are a few Tate followers out here.

Andrew Tate detained in Romania over rape and human trafficking case - BBC News


Bruh “Alpha Male” :moyai: :skull:

Dude talks shit about West then make money from cam girls. his Hustlers University is like a joke If it’s not exactly a pyramid scheme, it’s definitely a bloody scam. All the information that it purportedly gives the customers for around $50 a month is supposed to be from the professors it hires who are themselves supposed to be millionaires themselves. But all that information is extremely basic and could be found easily enough on the net for FREE. Now let me ask you a few questions and then let you make your own mind up. Do you honestly think that these so called millionaires would bother wasting their time for what they would get paid for these sessions if they really were so good at financial dealing, when the payments for these services would in effect be peanuts? Also, there’s the one most important thing to remember. Who is benefitting from this scheme? Follow the money trail. Always follow the money. If this Andrew Tate was so good, then he wouldn’t need you and your $50 dollars to fund his extravagant outrageous lifestyle. No, he’s no different to all the other scam artists out there in my opinion. Don’t be a mug.


It doesn’t matter who he becomes or coverts. Has nothing to do with it.

Its the person

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If a person submissively change his religion, he’s gotta change his life man

One would think right? Its a crazy world we live in

I said SuMBMISSIVELY :kissing:

Oh. I thought it was rather progressive of you :laughing:


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No offence but mhm!!!

None taken.

lol. I think we should stop. Going outta topic.

anrew tate loves broad topic. nothing is off topic.

Lol today was valentine and your search says “how to become a better person for your girlfriend.”

Google search suggestions are wild. You should try searching random stuff and see the suggestions.


I love them since they help me get a lot of HQ combos. Nobody dares do anything against them!