DevToys: Collection of tools for Developers/Non-Developers Alike

DevToys is a free open source tools collection for developers for Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 devices. The Microsoft Store application can be downloaded and installed directly from the Store, or by downloading the latest version from the official GitHub repository.

DevToys has a couple of other interesting options. Smart Detection, enabled by default, detects the best tool automatically based on the content that is copied to the clipboard. Users may switch between light and dark themes, change the system language, and change fonts and other visual settings of the application.

The developers of the application are adding more tools regularly to the tools collection. One of the main reasons for designing the application is they wanted to create a solution that may be run locally, so that developers don’t have to use websites for their activities.

Download: Releases Β· veler/DevToys Β· GitHub


New version released. v1.0.9.0