[Designcode.io] UI Design for Developers Course Free Download

UI Design for Developers Course Free Download


Many design courses focus on the finer details, heavy theories, getting you to the 99% of being a visual designer, but often disregard the code and handoff aspect. They end up alienating developers who just wish to learn the essentials. If you’re looking to learn “just enough” UI design to be 100% self-sufficient and collaborate better with designers, this course if for you.

This Course :

As a developer, your goal should be to create designs that are as objectively good as possible, using design systems, well-established principles and techniques that translate well to code. You should work on your speed, since you don’t want to steal away from your coding time. My goal is to get you to be satisfied with your designs and to find a system to consistently improve over time by not only explaining the foundations of UI design, but my personal insights on how it’s feasible to divide your time between design and code. We’ll be using free icons and illustrations from shape.so and mockups from angle.sh

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