Depesh Mandalia - 7 Figure Meta Ads Playbook (2022 Update)

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Password: doozy


Good post :slight_smile:

freesoff has been offline and some of my post are gone :slight_smile:


Yeah…it was exactly what happened.

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this problem is there


marking it as favorites, making a copy on google drive and downloading that copy would still have same issue.


does this download has missing modules?

I am just asking to check if this is worth being download or are there missing videos.

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You can go ahead and download. Its separated into 3 compressed files you have to download the 3 and extract the first file which will go on and continue to 2 and 3. Files complete.

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Thanks for sharing but please this isn’t working for me. Can you help get it in Mega?
Thanks for everything

I don’t do mega because I don’t have a premium account.

If someone is willing to donate one for the forums, I’ll gladly upload everything there :slight_smile:

Hey, just wanted to ask:

What’s the best way to unzip these files on Mac? When I use Unarchiever, I have to do it individually by parts and it skips unzipping the first file of every part.


Rename the .rar file to .zip and unpack as normal. Nothing happens if this is done correctly and even if the files are passworded, you don’t have any issues.

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Thank you very much :pray:

I tried this but I am still having the same issue, it doesn’t extract the FIRST file of every part. Wondering if there is another solution…