Dark Psychology to Manipulate and Control People


This book explores the theory of manipulation by breaking down manipulation into its component parts, forming useful, objective definitions and offering practical advice for manipulating others.

After reading the book, you can expect to have greater insight into your own actions and the actions of others. You will have a strong grounding in the mechanics of manipulation, allowing you to make your own decisions about manipulating others, and recognize when others are manipulating you.

The author lists a few benefits of getting to know your dark side, including:

  1. You become aware of how criticism of others is often a defense mechanism. Sometimes we accuse others of our own flaws.
  2. Understand how your words sometimes hide fear and anxiety, jealousy and envy
  3. You become aware of уоur fears аnd anxieties
  4. Better understand our relationships with others
  5. Accepting ourselves fully
  6. Freeing of guilt

Basically, it’s about self-awareness.
When you become more self-aware, you learn the motivations behind your actions and you can also better work at changing and improving yourself.


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