Dark Psychology - How to Analyze People, and Their Emotional Intelligence To Be Able to Avoid

Dark Psychology is one of the arts of persuasion and mind control.
Psychology refers to the study of the behaviors of human beings. It is the center of every human being’s thinking, their deeds, and socialization. Therefore, Dark Psychology is the phenomenon through which human beings apply manipulation, persuasion, and mind control techniques to fulfill their intentions. In dark psychology, there is the ‘Dark Psychology Triad,’ which is one of the easiest predictors of manipulator’s behavior, collapsed relationships, and also being problematic.

The Dark Psychology Triad includes:
• The psychopathy - They are friendly and always charming, impulsive, selfish, lack empathy, and are not remorseful.
• The narcissists - These kinds of people are filled with ego, grandiosity, and have no empathy or sympathy.
• The Machiavellians - These kinds of people use manipulation, persuasion, and mind control to exploit and lure people. In addition to this, they are always immoral.

No one in this world would wish to be a victim of manipulation even though it happens whether you are conscious or unconscious of it. In the case you fall under manipulation, it is not necessarily someone in the Dark Psychology Triad, but you will face persuasion daily. Manipulation tactics always manifest themselves in regular commercials, Internet advertisements, sales tactics, and in your workplaces. If you are a parent, you must have come across these tactics in your everyday life since children tend to experiment with tactics so that they can get what they want. Dark Psychology is used by people who you genuinely love or trust.

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