Dann Petty - Stand Out as a Web Designer

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Sales Page: Design Full-Time
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Password: freesoff.com

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dude i cant extract the file there have extention like filename.zip.001 ? how can i extract these even after renaming the file i am not able to extract it

pleasse fix this
as soon as you can

There is nothing to fix.
Make sure they are downloaded to the same directory, then right click file and extract.
You will need Winzip, Winrar, 7Zip etc to extract.

That’s perfect thanks a lot !

Same problem.
The second and the third file ends with the extension of .002 and .003 and not with .zip or anything smililar.

7zip gives and error while trying to open with 7zip

Were you able to open the downloaded files?

That’s because they are part of split file. Try opening the file with Winzip or Winrar. Google has info on how to extract these files.

Yes without any problem

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I have used 7zip, maybe this is a password issue ?

Extraction is working fine.
My review: This course is like short case study(2hrs) from successful websites(Uber, Webflow) on how they designed(Buttons, color etc).
Its not for beginners but for people who are already designers.
Anyway good crispy course

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Whats the password? freesoff.com not working.

It works, you surely have another issue

password is working, Just copy and paste the password in post 1 as it is.

part .002 and .003 not zip files please if you don’t mind fix the problem, look what i get in the picture

1.Copy all parts in one folder.
2. Right click .001 and extract. It will automatically find the other parts

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Super Share; Course looks amazing

wohoo! nice share. I love u @Sibijay :heart_eyes:

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Working. Nice Share. Thank you :blush: