Dan Hollings – The Plan (Phase-1)

The Plan is a complete crypto system that will give you the keys to the crypto revolution.


The Plan Includes:

  1. 5+ Educational Sessions – initially done live on Zoom (so you can attend and ask questions), and then the recordings are placed into your membership area.

  2. Digital Membership Access – all the live training recordings and other resources will be in a membership site that you’ll get access to, when you sign up for The Plan

  3. Step-by-Step Training – From how to buy Cryptocurrencies, to how to set up your Crypto bots, the main crypto strategies to follow, HODLing, Stablecoins and a whole heap more!

  4. Office Hours – Dan’s team of experts will make certain times available for you to join where you can ask questions about different parts of The Plan.

More info here

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Thanks @Sibijay , is it possible to have phases 2 and 3 too? Hope you can!