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:small_blue_diamond: Microsoft Weekly: Google on the offensive, Defender wins, and default browsers
:small_blue_diamond: Replaceable Batteries Are Coming Back To Phones If The EU Gets Its Way
:small_blue_diamond: First audio recorded on Mars reveals two speeds of sound
:small_blue_diamond: The real magic mouse is made by Logitech, not Apple
:small_blue_diamond: Scammers are texting you from your own number now here’s what to do if that happens
:small_blue_diamond: ReactOS “Open-Source Windows” Manages To Run Some Battlefield Games
:small_blue_diamond: Slingshot lands $25.2M contract for digital space twin
:small_blue_diamond: Shadiness in the Privacy Space: Jonah Aragon’s (PrivacyGuides) Failed Attempt to Takeover PrivacyTools.io
:small_blue_diamond: Face scanner Clearview AI aims to branch out beyond police
:small_blue_diamond: “World’s smartest traffic management system” launches in Australia
:small_blue_diamond: Android 13 May Let You Connect to Two Carriers on a Single eSIM
:small_blue_diamond: US unveils stricter tailpipe emissions standards for new vehicles
:small_blue_diamond: Google Found to Unfairly Block Rival Payments on India Play Store by Competition Commission
:small_blue_diamond: Speek! Secure Messenger - Speek is serverless, stores no metadata, requires no ID or phone number and all messages including file transfers are end-to-end encrypted and routed via the Tor network
:small_blue_diamond: Nokia and Rakuten Demo 1 Terabit Per Channel Transmission
:small_blue_diamond: Samsung Expands Customer-First Care Experience with New Self-Repair Program
:small_blue_diamond: In a 1st, UPI transactions hit 5 billion/month in March
:small_blue_diamond: The XPS 13 (9310) is the best Dell laptop you can buy right now
:small_blue_diamond: AMD might be cooking the worst graphics card it has ever served with alleged 2GB RX 6300



:small_blue_diamond: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS beta with Linux 5.15 kernel released weeks before general availability
:small_blue_diamond: Apple and Facebook reportedly provided personal user data to hackers posing as law enforcement
:small_blue_diamond: U.S. Renewable Energy Production in 2021 Hit an All-Time High and Provided More Energy than Either Coal or Nuclear Power
:small_blue_diamond: Twitter user sentenced to 150 hours of community service in UK for posting “offensive” tweet
:small_blue_diamond: Demand for Smartphones is Slowing, Says Apple Supplier TSMC
:small_blue_diamond: Post Office Cops Used Social Media Surveillance Program Illegally
:small_blue_diamond: Facebook’s algorithm was mistakenly elevating harmful content for the last six months
:small_blue_diamond: Instagram gets lots of new messaging features in a new update for a more seamless experience
:small_blue_diamond: Scientists finally finish decoding entire human genome in major breakthrough: “We finally got it done”
:small_blue_diamond: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki & Yamaha form joint battery-swapping company for EVs
:small_blue_diamond: U.S. House panel sets hearing to press for electric postal vehicles
:small_blue_diamond: Facial scanning coming to an airport near you, raising some concerns
:small_blue_diamond: Among Us and Halo Infinite crossover confirmed with free new cosmetics
:small_blue_diamond: A lake that provides power to millions just fell to a historic low
:small_blue_diamond: Facebook fails to label 80% of posts promoting bioweapons conspiracy theory
:small_blue_diamond: Wyze knew hackers could remotely access your camera for three years and said nothing
:small_blue_diamond: Apple fixes iOS battery drain bug with 15.4.1 update
:small_blue_diamond: Apple Maps teams hiking around UK cities with camera-laden backpacks
:small_blue_diamond: Samsung Expands Customer-First Care Experience with New Self-Repair Program
:small_blue_diamond: Welsh MPs call on UK Government to mobilise ‘on a wartime footing’ to shift from fossil fuels to renewables
:small_blue_diamond: Microsoft releases KB5011563 for Windows 11 as an optional update with long list of fixes
:small_blue_diamond: Beware: AMD’s Windows 11 graphics drivers might be messing up Ryzen CPU settings in the BIOS
:small_blue_diamond: GameStop seeks shareholder nod for stock split
:small_blue_diamond: Researchers Used a Decommissioned Satellite to Broadcast Hacker TV - What happens when an old satellite is no longer in use but can still broadcast? Hacker shenanigans, that’s what.
:small_blue_diamond: Plans to fight election misinformation included in new laws
:small_blue_diamond: Global wind and solar growth on track to meet climate targets
:small_blue_diamond: Listen to music as Bane: Dyson unveils bizarre new air purification headphones
:small_blue_diamond: Why ‘burner phones’ are the talk of Washington


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Yes May be because of hardware requirements and interface too…people are use to win10…lets give some time for win11 to get cooked properly will all updates and refined version…

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:small_blue_diamond: Big tech doesn’t require four-year college degrees. Other companies should take the hint
:small_blue_diamond: The government is investigating Amazon’s severe weather event rules following deaths
First audio recorded on Mars reveals two speeds of sound
:small_blue_diamond: Meta’s A.I. exodus: Top talent quits as the lab tries to keep pace with rivals
:small_blue_diamond: Slingshot lands $25.2M contract for digital space twin
:small_blue_diamond: Sweden’s Plugin EV Share Hits 56% In March, Will Accelerate
:small_blue_diamond: Panasonic to Spend $5 Billion on EV Batteries, Software
:small_blue_diamond: Get ready for the world’s first Android phone with an Apple Lightning port
:small_blue_diamond: Face scanner Clearview AI aims to branch out beyond police
:small_blue_diamond: Facebook users angry after accounts locked for no reason
:small_blue_diamond: Four Indigenous people killed in “clash” with Venezuelan military over WiFi
:small_blue_diamond: Police Are Buying Drones and Armored Vehicles With COVID Relief Funds - President Biden has encouraged more spending on police tech, despite local activists? calls to fund life-sustaining food and housing programs.
:small_blue_diamond: Microsoft blocks the Windows 11 upgrade for IE11 users
:small_blue_diamond: Opera GX introduces Video Pickup to sync video timestamps, and GX Profiles for muting tabs, deleting data on exit
:small_blue_diamond: Firefox 100 requires the Windows Update KB4474419 on Windows 7
:small_blue_diamond: Brave 1.37: new sidebar, custom new tab backgrounds and privacy improvements
:small_blue_diamond: These are the best (and worst) video game April Fools’ Day jokes of 2022


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:globe_with_meridians: Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has ordered all the telecom operators in the country to remove the pre-call Covid-19 callertune announcements

:globe_with_meridians: TVs, ACs likely to get expensive from today with new 30 per cent import duty in India :india: so buy now if you need

:globe_with_meridians: WhatsApp will let you play voice messages while reading other chats and pause recording in new update

:globe_with_meridians: macOS Monterey 12.3.1 update rolling out now, fixes issues with Bluetooth and external displays

:globe_with_meridians: Dell Precision 5470 launched alongside other new Precision laptops with 12th Gen Intel Core i9 processors

:globe_with_meridians: Instagram will allow users to reply to messages or share content directly from feed

:globe_with_meridians: OnePlus 9 Pro 5G gets yet another price cut in India, now available under Rs 55,000

:globe_with_meridians: Samsung Galaxy M33 5G launched in India, price starts at Rs 18,999

:globe_with_meridians: OnePlus 10 Pro costs Rs 66,999 but you can buy it for less with some discount, cashback offers

:globe_with_meridians: Apple rolls out fix for iPhone battery drain problem, download iOS 15.4.1 right away

:globe_with_meridians: Realme C31 with big HD display, 5000mAh battery launched, prices start at Rs 8,999

:globe_with_meridians: Acer Nitro 5 with 12th Gen Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors launched, price starts at Rs 84,999

:globe_with_meridians: OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 launched in India, price starts from Rs 1,999

:globe_with_meridians: Xiaomi 12 Pro India launch in April, to take on OnePlus 10 Pro and others

:globe_with_meridians: Bhopal will be first 5G-enabled smart city in India, says MP govt.


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A new attack, dubbed “Brokenwire,” could allow remote attackers to disrupt the ability to charge electric vehicles at scale from as far as 47m.

Read details: Brokenwire Hack Could Let Remote Attackers Disrupt Charging for Electric Vehicles

Beastmode DDoS botnet is now exploiting recently disclosed vulnerabilities in TOTOLINK routers to infect unpatched devices and expand its reach potentially.

Read details: Beastmode DDoS Botnet Exploiting New TOTOLINK Bugs to Enslave More Routers

Researchers have shed light on a previously undocumented “sophisticated” information-stealing malware called “BlackGuard” that is advertised for sale on Russian underground hacking forums.

Read details: Experts Shed Light on BlackGuard Infostealer Malware Sold on Russian Hacking Forums

– 04-04-2022(Monday)



:small_blue_diamond: Microsoft Edge 100 released: here is what is new
:small_blue_diamond: The Life & Death Of Software
:small_blue_diamond: Ruby 3.2.0 Preview 1 Released
:small_blue_diamond: Leaked: New Amazon Worker Chat App to Ban Words Like Union, Restrooms, Pay Raise and lantation
:small_blue_diamond: Elon Musk becomes Twitter?s largest shareholder
:small_blue_diamond: Googles Ex-HR Chief Says Hybrid Work Won’t Last
:small_blue_diamond: Taiwan eyes closer U.S. tech ties, island’s top trade body says
:small_blue_diamond: The creator of the CRISPR babies has been released from a Chinese prison
:small_blue_diamond: Someone modded Doom to add ray-tracing
:small_blue_diamond: Hertz will order up to 65,000 Polestar EVs for its rental fleet
:small_blue_diamond: US government launches Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy
:small_blue_diamond: TikTok’s parent, ByteDance, made fake accounts with content scraped from Instagram and Snapchat
:small_blue_diamond: Comcast wanted man to pay $19,000 after falsely advertising service on his street
:small_blue_diamond: First private astronaut mission to space station readies for launch
:small_blue_diamond: 2 content moderators are suing TikTok for ‘oppressive’ quotas and not enough support in weeding out ‘highly toxic and extremely disturbing images’
:small_blue_diamond: Your Digital Footprint: It’s Bigger Than You Realize
:small_blue_diamond: Tesla’s Sales Jumped in the First Quarter, Bucking Industry Trend Again
:small_blue_diamond: Google offers employees free electric scooters to get them back to the office
:small_blue_diamond: Google Play crackdown makes Amazon, Barnes & Noble pull digital purchases
:small_blue_diamond: Assam Student Builds Shoe Sensor that Alerts Visually-Impaired about Road Obstacles
:small_blue_diamond: Automakers back tough U.S. vehicle emissions rules in court fight


:globe_with_meridians: iQOO 9 gets a new color-changing Phoenix Orange variant in India

:globe_with_meridians: Samsung Galaxy M62 is receiving Android 12-based One UI 4.1 update

:globe_with_meridians: Valve aims to ramp up Steam Deck shipments

:globe_with_meridians: Samsung discontinues Galaxy S9 series software support

:globe_with_meridians: Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Buds Live get 360 Audio in new software update

:globe_with_meridians: Motorola Moto G22 launching in India on April 8 with faster charging

:globe_with_meridians: Google issues April update for its Pixels

:globe_with_meridians: vivo X Fold marketing materials leak revealing more specs

:globe_with_meridians: Report: Galaxy S22 sales falling due to the GOS scandal, carrier subsidies increased to counter

:globe_with_meridians: Samsung quietly launches Galaxy S20 FE 2022 with a lower price

:globe_with_meridians: Intel shares specs of top Arc GPU - 175W TDP, up to 2250 MHz clock speed

:globe_with_meridians: AnTuTu charts show Dimensity 9000 is breathing down Snapdragon 8 Gen 1’s neck


:beginner: 06-04-2022 (Wednesday) :beginner:

:beginner:Google Maps to Gain New Toll Prices Feature in Select Countries; Better iOS, Apple Watch Support Announced

– Google Maps is adding a pinned widget with new features on iOS with the latest update.

:beginner:PhonePe to More Than Double Employee Count to 5,400 by December 2022

– "There are about 2,800 open job positions that the company is planning to fill,” PhonePe said.

:beginner:Meesho to Integrate Grocery Business in Core App, to Scale to 12 Indian States in 2022

– Meesho Superstore currently provides 500 products across categories like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, groceries, and more.

:beginner:iPhone 14 Pro Max Schematics Tip Design, Suggest Thinner Bezels

– iPhone 14 Pro Max is said to feature 1.95mm bezels.

:beginner:EU Ministers Claim Digital Euro Could Introduce Additional Privacy Safeguards

– European governments are debating policy possibilities for a CBDC, but no formal decision has been made to launch one.

:beginner:Apple AirPods Pro, AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Max‌ Prices Hiked in India: Here’s How Much They Cost Now

– AirPods (3rd generation) price has increased by Rs. 2,000.

:beginner:Amazon Secures Several Rocket Launches for Its Project Kuiper Satellite Broadband Network

– Amazon looks to take on Elon Musk’s Starlink.

:beginner:PUBG and BGMI Are the Same, Tencent Misled Indian Government, Should Be Banned: NGO

– NGO Prahar has sought a ban on BGMI/ PUBG in India under Section 69A of the IT Act in the interest of Security and Defence of India.

:beginner:Dogecoin Value Shoots to Near Two-Month High After Elon Musk’s Twitter Stock Purchase

– Musk has not made any comment since the news of his Twitter stake in a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

:beginner:Indian Government Orders Blocking of 22 YouTube-Based News Channels, Including 4 From Pakistan

– Three Twitter accounts, one Facebook account, and one news website were also ordered to be blocked.


:globe_with_meridians: U.S. cybersecurity agency CISA has included the recently disclosed Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability affecting Spring Framework in its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog based on "evidence of active exploitation."

Details: CISA Warns of Active Exploitation of Critical Spring4Shell Vulnerability

:globe_with_meridians: Email marketing service Mailchimp was hacked and customers’ accounts were accessed to carry out phishing attacks, including users of cryptocurrency wallet company Trezor.

Read details: Hackers Breach Mailchimp Email Marketing Firm to Launch Crypto Phishing Scams

:globe_with_meridians: Researchers have linked widespread cyberespionage attacks to a Chinese hacker group called Cicada that has been attacking organizations around the world, including government, legal, religious, and NGOs.

Details: Researchers Trace Widespread Espionage Attacks Back to Chinese 'Cicada' Hackers

:globe_with_meridians::zap:German authorities shut down Russian Hydra DarkNet market and seized $25 million in Bitcoin.

Read: Germany Shuts Down Russian Hydra Darknet Market; Seizes $25 Million in Bitcoin

According to reports, there were around 17 million customers and over 19,000 seller accounts registered on the marketplace.

:globe_with_meridians: Cybercrime group FIN7 has started to collaborate with several ransomware groups and has diversified its initial access vectors to compromise the software supply chain and use stolen credentials.

Read: FIN7 Hackers Leveraging Password Reuse and Software Supply Chain Attacks



:small_blue_diamond: ‘Free Speech Absolutist’ Elon Musk Censors Employees, Critics
:small_blue_diamond: Apple sued for not paying New York Apple Store staff weekly
:small_blue_diamond: Elon Musk to join Twitter’s board of directors
:small_blue_diamond: Twitter says Elon Musk won’t get special treatment from its rules, even as a board member
:small_blue_diamond: Epic launches Unreal Engine 5
:small_blue_diamond: 300 Drones Formed a QR Code That Rick Rolled Dallas on April Fools’ Day
:small_blue_diamond: Pegasus hacked the iPhone of award-winning journalist, weeks after Apple’s injunction attempt
:small_blue_diamond: Stanford engineers invent a solar panel that generates electricity at night
:small_blue_diamond: ‘Green steel’ heating up in Sweden’s frozen north
:small_blue_diamond: Whistleblower says DeepMind waited months to fire a researcher accused of sexual misconduct
:small_blue_diamond: Windows 11’s refreshed File Explorer gets tabs, favorites, and a new homepage
:small_blue_diamond: Twitter Says It’s Testing Edit Button Day After Elon Musk Poll
:small_blue_diamond: Australia’s SkyGuardian drones shot down by spicy cybers
:small_blue_diamond: Apple, Meta, and Discord All Handed User Data Over to Hackers. Now What
:small_blue_diamond: What’s the most popular web browser in 2022
:small_blue_diamond: Google Maps will start estimating tolls and display more details to help you find your way
:small_blue_diamond: Analysis The FBI is spending millions on social media tracking software
:small_blue_diamond: Amazon secures 83 rocket launches with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, ULA, and Arianespace to send its Project Kuiper internet satellites into space
:small_blue_diamond: Freeze-thaw battery can store energy for months in huge boost for renewables
:small_blue_diamond: US, UK, and Western Europe fail to hit top 50 cheapest broadband list



:small_blue_diamond: Only 3 Years Left to Avoid Climate Catastrophe: UN Report

– Almost every country will have to make voluntary and rapid emissions cuts to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

:small_blue_diamond: Honda, GM to Co-Develop Affordable Electric Vehicles

– Honda and GM’s new vehicles could go on sale in the US in 2027.

:small_blue_diamond: WhatsApp Testing Archived Chats Feature for Windows Users

– WhatsApp for Windows beta version 2.2213.3.0 has introduced the archived chats feature.

:small_blue_diamond: Windows 11 Security, Accessibility Features Announced by Microsoft; File Explorer to Gain Tabbed Support

– Microsoft is also making it easier to switch between Windows 11 and Windows 365.

:small_blue_diamond: Ukraine Crisis: Intel Becomes Latest Western Tech Firm to Suspend Business in Russia

– IBM too had suspended shipments as Ukraine urged US cloud-computing and software companies to cut off business with Russia.

:small_blue_diamond: Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai Freed From Questioning in Google ‘Incognito’ Privacy Suit

– Tens of billions of dollars in damages are at stake for Google in the proposed class-action case.

:small_blue_diamond: Honor MagicBook X 14, MagicBook X 15 Laptops With Up to Intel Core i5 Processor Launched in India

– Under a limited-period offer, Honor MagicBook X 14 price in India begins at Rs. 39,990, while the Honor MagicBook X 15 starts at Rs. 38,990.

:small_blue_diamond: Fire-Boltt Incredible Smartwatch Announced in India, to Go on Sale Starting April 8: Price, Specifications

– Fire-Boltt Incredible has been listed on Amazon for Rs. 3,999.

:small_blue_diamond: Sennheiser CX, CX Plus True Wireless Earphones With Up to 27 Hours Battery Life Launched in India

– Sennheiser CX Plus and CX true wireless earbuds will be available in India starting at Rs 10,990.

:small_blue_diamond: Goldman Sachs to Launch Over-The-Counter Ether Options Trading Soon

– The Wall Street investment bank recently traded its first over-the-counter Bitcoin option with Galaxy Digital.

:small_blue_diamond: Rainbow Six Mobile Announced, Ubisoft Opens Registration on Android and iOS

– Rainbow Six Mobile closed alpha is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

:small_blue_diamond: Timex Fit 2.0 Smartwatch With Square Dial Launched in India at Rs. 5,995

– Last year, Timex had launched a variant of the Timex Fit 2.0 with a circular dial.

:small_blue_diamond: Flipkart Forays Into Healthcare Sector With New Flipkart Health+ App

– Flipkart Health+ app is available on Google Play and is expected to launch on iOS soon.

:small_blue_diamond: Starbucks Plans to Enter the NFT Market in 2022, Interim CEO Howard Schultz Reveals

– Schultz said Starbucks’ NFT ambitions will be realised in 2022.

:small_blue_diamond: Tata Motors Plans Longer-Range Electric Vehicles in 2 Years With New Design

– EVs make up only 1 percent of total car sales in India.

:small_blue_diamond: Koo Adds Voluntary Self-Verification via Government-Issued ID Cards: Here’s How to Verify Your Account

– Verified profiles on Koo will display with a green tick mark next to the profile name.

:small_blue_diamond: OnePlus Nord 2 5G Allegedly Explodes Again in India, User Reports on Twitter

– OnePlus has not yet responded to the incident.

:small_blue_diamond: Mi Fan Festival 2022: Xiaomi Brings Big Discounts on Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G, Redmi Smart TV X43, More

– Redmi 10 price, originally set at Rs. 10,999, starts at Rs. 9,899 during the sale.

:small_blue_diamond: Boult Audio Airbass XPods Pro TWS Earphones With Environmental Noise Cancelling Launched in India

– Boult Audio Airbass XPods Pro price in India is set at Rs. 1,199, as part of an introductory-period offer.

:small_blue_diamond: Samsung Galaxy S22 FE, Galaxy S23 Series Tipped to Feature MediaTek SoCs in Asia: Report

– Samsung Galaxy S22 FE and Galaxy S23 series could be the first S-series phones to feature MediaTek SoCs.

:small_blue_diamond: The U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Hydra on Tuesday, the same day German law enforcement authorities disrupted the world’s largest dark web marketplace as part of a coordinated operation in cooperation with U.S. authorities.

Read: U.S. Treasury Department Sanctions Russia-based Hydra Darknet Marketplace

:small_blue_diamond: Block admits a data breach involving a former employee who accessed Cash App U.S. customers’ information.

Read details: Block Admits Data Breach Involving Cash App Data Accessed by Former Employee

:small_blue_diamond: Ukraine warns of a new wave of cyberattacks aimed at hacking users’ Telegram messenger accounts, and also attributed another social engineering campaign to Russia-based #hacking group Armageddon with ties to the FSB.

Details: Ukraine Warns of Cyber attack Aiming to Hack Users' Telegram Messenger Accounts

:small_blue_diamond: Watch out!!! Hackers spread malicious Android apps under the guise of seemingly harmless shopping apps to target customers of eight Malaysian banks.

Read details: Hackers Distributing Fake Shopping Apps to Steal Banking Data of Malaysian Users

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:small_blue_diamond: Microsoft boasts that the internal Windows 11 rollout was the smoothest ever
:small_blue_diamond: Microsoft PowerToys could soon get a Mac OS inspired Peek file preview feature
:small_blue_diamond: Windows 3.1 is officially 30 years old
:small_blue_diamond: Activision Blizzard is giving a thousand game testers full-time jobs and pay bumps
:small_blue_diamond: Former Tesla board member tells Twitter to ‘put on your track shoes now’ and prepare to work with Elon Musk
:small_blue_diamond: After Twitter, Elon Musk says Facebook gives him ‘the willies’
:small_blue_diamond: Meta Reportedly Working on Virtual Currency; Zuck Bucks
:small_blue_diamond: New bill will force tech giants to negotiate deals to pay media to use their content
:small_blue_diamond: French court upholds 150 mln euro fine against Google for opaque ad rules
:small_blue_diamond: Brilliant Planet is running algae farms to pull carbon out of the air
:small_blue_diamond: Europe Is Building a Huge International Facial Recognition System
:small_blue_diamond: Largest double-sided solar farm in Europe opens in Greece, supplying power to 75,000 households
:small_blue_diamond: Largest Darknet Market Shutdown By US And German Authorities As Crackdown Continues
:small_blue_diamond: Puerto Rico’s Major Blackout Raises Concerns About Hurricane Season - More Than A Million People Were Left :small_blue_diamond: Without Power On The Island After A Power Plant Failure This Week.
:small_blue_diamond: SpaceX poised to send first private crew to the International Space Station for Axiom Space
:small_blue_diamond: Bot can spot depressed Twitter users in 9 out of 10 cases
:small_blue_diamond: AI creates Full Color Night Vision using only infrared images
:small_blue_diamond: Lithuania’s Nord Security raises $100 mln at $1.6 bln valuation
:small_blue_diamond: Windows 11 event: Here are all the new features that were announced by Microsoft