Crypto + Web 3 for Creatives

Crypto is one of largest shifts in how the web works in decades… to the point where people are calling this new phase ‘Web 3’, but what is this shift and why is it happening?

Our crypto course shows you how to code websites that interact with the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts in a practical, real-world, no-hype, no-BS, ethical way.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create your own custom NFT platform and let people mint, buy and sell directly from you
  • How to move from standard web technologies (“Web 2.0”) to Web 3 technology
  • How to create a decentralized social network that allows you to connect your digital wallet to websites, allowing you to log in without needing a back-end service
  • How to create your own digital currency for a social network where people can tip each other and have access to features based on how much of the social network’s currency they have
  • How to create your own smart contracts, test them, and deploy them to Ethereum
  • Learn how to work with React.js, Next.js, Solidity and more!
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