Create Your Telegram UserBOT [Ultroid] Part-01

About Telegram UserBOT

Many Of Us Using Telegram Now-a-days. UserBOT is an Excilent Features Of Telegram. You Can Control Your DM & Group Using It. See Demo Section For More Info.

Feature’s Demo


You Can Approve Or Disapprove And Block For Lifetime Using This UserBOT Easily.


Most Likely, You Can Customize Your Personal Inbox. & I Swear You Will Love It


[/img]& Finally You can Install So Many PlugIn For Your BOT. These Python PlugIn Are Awsome :100:

You Can Watch Tutorial Step By Step, it Will be Easy For You
:eye:‍:left_speech_bubble: Link:-


There Is a Chance To Get :warning:Ban On Github Or Telegram. If You have Any Issue Then Please Don’t try This.But For Ensure I am Telling You That I Am Using It Since 2 Months & Nothing Happened Actually. Moreover I Reminding You Do It In Your Own Risk.


this will get it more popular people will thank u but will catch railwas attention and like herokurailway will ban this also and if you are so pro then make a deployment guide of userge on railway :slightly_smiling_face: no offence


some one made userget to railway docker and news now only old deploys of any userbot are working on railway and their account is also getting suspended and new deploys are banned and ip is also flagged please dont try this the guide is thoro tho good work …


Railaway just update their policy that’s why

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@Sal_Sh This is useful. remeber

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