Create your own NETFLIX without CC

REMINDERS: This Trick Will Work On Mobile Devices Don’t Try only.

STEP 1 : Download This VPN (HOLA VPN PLUS MOD)

STEP 2 : Open the VPN and choose kenya and click connect Flag: Kenya :flag_ke:

STEP 3 : Download Netflix App From Play Store.

NOTE - If you already have Netflix App then Delete it then Download New Netflix App

STEP 4 : Open Netflix App And You will see ( Start a Free Plan ) if you can’t see then clear data.

STEP 5 : Create Account with new fresh mail and click on start a free plan

STEP 6 : Create Password and must click on ( I agree & I am over 1☍⊕ )

STEP 7 : Click on Create Account.



Tricks - Credit to the Owner


netflix doesnt work on emulator,… and when i tried this thing yesterday it kinda failed me :skull:
guess im not lucky enough

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i hear that its a must that hola vpn is needed… idk if its supposed to work but uh i hear from friends that only some shows are only accessible. :skull:

yes you need to use HOLA vpn and you need to connect to Kenya and the account is free which shows 20% of Netflix content only :slight_smile:

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