Cracking Information And Keywords Including Explainations

Hello noobs, today I’m teaching you some information and some of the general keywords and explanations about cracking, I wish that someone have taught me that in the past, but here I am to teach you, before we get into it, don’t forgot to drop a like and something else… now let’s get into it

  1. what is a checker?

a checker is a tool that brute-force websites, in other words, it automatically login into accounts with an email:password combinations, which are called combo list and they will be explained later, and to avoid Ip bans from website’s security system, Checkers uses proxies, which will be explained later, and to speed up the process, and to make a point of using a checker instead of your hands, checkers uses threads, which are bots that does tasks, will be explained later.

  1. what is a combo list?

a combo list is a big list of email:password combinations, we get those by doing SQL Injection, which is a hacking technique by sending malicious code into a sql database, thats called dorking here in cracking, I’ll try to drop a tutorial for it in the future.

  1. what is a proxy list?

a proxy list is a list of Ip adresses that are hosted by the providers,. We use those proxy lists to avoid Ip bans from website, there are 3 types of proxies, residential rotating, datacenter, and free, you don’t need to know about those right now.

  1. what is a config?

I don’t know a rough explaination for this one, but, a config is a few http requests that we send to the website we are trying to crack accounts for, You can use free configs on forums to crack accounts, but they aren’t as quality as ones you have made or you bought from a good seller.

  1. lastly, what are threads?

as I have developed 2 checkers before, threads are bots that does a task, The more threads, the faster the task is done, and the more cpu useage, and the more bandwidth used.

Now, I have told all the basics stuff, if you have enjoyed and earnt some useful information, Show some support!


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