Courses Smartbemoo

Hi, does anyone happen to have these courses. I know they are in Spanish but I am interested in them and I have not been able to get them.

If anyone has them I would be very grateful.

Dejo la página: smartbeemo .com

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Maybe @TeacherALvaro could help.


Hope so but no, sorry Sibijay. Do not have any of those… maybe a little suggestion : go and hunt courses in Telegram. If I find some I´ll post!

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I understand, thank you very much. Yes I have tried to look for them on telegram but no one uploads them. :sweat:

Got a few of 'em here:
Diplomado Premium en E-commerce en Walmart
Diplomado Premium en E-commerce Tienda Propia
Diplomado Online en Emprendimiento Moderno

Import ASAP before file is removed.


Thank you very much my friend, I really appreciate it.

If at some point you get the marketing agency one I would appreciate it, if not with these it is a great help.

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