🎁 Coursera plus 7 days premium to 15 people DON'T MISS

HELLO GUYS :wave: :wave:

I just wanted a giveaway Coursera Plus for 7 days trial. for 15 members.

I’ll select randomly when the giveaway is over.

Hopefully, it might be helpful to some people.

Coursera Plus activation gives Unlimited access to 7,000+ world-class courses, hands-on projects, and job-ready certificate programs—all included in this subscription. Don’t miss this opportunity.


1. Give a like, if you want more like this.

2. Your freesoff account should be 3-5 days old

3. Comment on this topic, and why you need it.

The giveaway ends on 24 May 12, 2023. I’ll close early if the competition is high.


@GodspeedPrime Nice giveaway brother :fire::heart:

I want to upskill in this arbitrage economy.
Please let me be one of the winners.

I would really love to have this because it will help me a lot as I’m running a small educational institute which we run free of cost to teach suburb children. :no_mouth: this will definitely help me to provide them the courses of their interest and zeal. :hugs:

Please give me such excess this app is very helpful to increase knowledge

want to upskill in this Frontend developer
Please let me be one of the winners.

I want to learn prompt engineering, that’s why I need it.

I want to get access for web development courses. thanks!

Upscale my skill for job switch.

I am a student and this will really benefit me in my studies

Thanks for the giveaway mate . I want it to upscale my knowledge related web development and i would like to learn something new from it.

Great share brother, you rock big time

@GodspeedPrime Thanks a lot. Web development and much much more

i am working here for 3 three year

It will help me gain certificates that will help me find a job

I like knowledge, I would like to learn or get as many courses as I can to share them to people.
I think that knowledge should be free and unrestricted so that I can create new ventures, businesses, etc.

Who controls education controls the future.

Giveaway Ended

It looks like we’ve got our 15 winners. CONGRATULATIONS :boom: :boom: :boom:

I’ll Dm each one the login details. please wait for my message, it will take time.

@Sibijay Please close this topic. Thank you.


Giveaway winners : :boom: :boom:

1 Hakketee
2 Adnan_Ali786
4 Shekhu_Gupta
5 Rocky7
6 Deperstar
7 shak_man
8 Aman_Kumar
9 mysticjoel
10 Trafalgar_Law
11 sharad_kc1
12 cyberlad
13 abhijeet_rathod
14 Azouggarh_Boubker
15 Brina_gonz

Congratulations. :boom: :boom:

I’ll Dm each one the login details. please wait for my message, it will take time.