[course video stream] all free courses video streaming portal

Dear Friends.

I have an idea for free courses streaming portal like youtube and vimeo like but its only for courses so please share me any script or software for making free courses video streaming site.
so no need to download videos just open site and watch… so if you have any ideas please share we will make it possible asap.
2021 will be best for Learners :slight_smile:


upload it on google drive and make and make it’s index GitHub - ParveenBhadooOfficial/Google-Drive-Index: Index Google Drive Files Easily and Free

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Great initiative my friend all power to you ! I wish I knew more about this so I could help somehow.

Visit www.learningcrux.com
You may find jt useful. :slight_smile: :smiley:

I have an idea …we can publish all the courses video on youtube in unlisted from so by that it can’t come in the search …but if we share the link of that video …the person can watch that entire course on it …and no one can report that video …because it is not coming in search …
i tried this method and upload some movies

and for sharing the links we can share it on freesoff or we can make a blogger page also


Videos not working or playing… for video play high Bandwidth require which is not possible without cache in SERVER like youtube. but URL design is good

Thanks bro but is it safe because if any cheater share URL with Video Maker then violation will happen which is not good :slight_smile:

Shitty website with no support, there’s a telegram group where admin doesn’t even let anyone complain, you can find most courses there available for free.

yup, that is a loophole…but I think no one is going to do it… means there is very little probability …of this… I think we should try first then see if this thing happens or not …