COURSE DUMP πŸ“š Various Mega & GDrive Course Collections

Update: Going forward this topic will contain all Mega & GDrive folders out there that don’t really fit in a particular section.


22GB MEGA Folder

  1. Ethical Hacking
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Python
  4. Couple courses from Pentester Academy
  5. and much more

Can we make this a thread where I share course dumps? I get a lot and I can’t really make a separate thread for all. If you’re ok with the idea, I’ll start sharing here, every course dumps I get.


Udemy- The Complete Dropshipping Product Research Mastering – 2021

Source Link:-

Download Link:-

Udemy- Excel VBA: The VBA Beginner’s Blueprint to Programming Excel:
Source Link:-

Download Link:-

Udemy- Consistent Compounding by Investment in Stock Markets & ETFs

Source Link:-

Download Link:-

Udemy- Certification Course in Work & Workforce Management:

Source Link:-

Download Link:-

Udemy- Ultimate 2021 Digital Circuits and Logic Design course:

A complete guide for learning the Digital circuits and Logic design using Logisim & Multisim & practical applications

Source Link:-

Download Link:-

Udemy- Apache Ranger : Fine-Grained Access Control:

Source Link:-

Download Link:-

Udemy- Build & Deploy 8 Powerful Python Projects: Masterclass 2021:

Learn To Develop & Deploy Real World Python Web Application Development Projects With Django PyQt5, SQLite Course

Source Link:-

Download Link:-

Udemy- Best of Cryptocurrencies, Retirement Plan:

Best of Cryptocurrencies, Retirement Plan

Source Link:-

Download Link:- SaleWebDesign.Com-Best-of-Cryptocurrencies-Retirement-Plan – Google Drive

Udemy- Learn SQL using MySQL Database:-

Basic MySQL Database and Complete SQL Course for Beginners with so many Practical Example

Source Link:-

Download Link:-

Udemy- TypeScript for Beginners

Learn the most important features of TypeScript in a short time and apply them to your projects.

Source Link:-

Download Link:-

Conversation Mastery
Download Link: 8.73 GB folder on MEGA

Technical Navigator Full Black Hat Cracking course:
Download Link:

[HTML] Crash Course for beginners
Size - 345MB
Download Link: 345.66 MB folder on MEGA

Premium wordpress speed optimisation course

Seo mastery course

React Native bootcamp


Funnel Certification

Google maps SEO business ranking course

Alex Becker - All courses

It’ll look something like this. I’ll try to post once every week if you guys are ok with it.


you are great

Checkout this topic too



150 Interview Problems - 19.91 GB folder on MEGA

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator - 9.12 GB folder on MEGA

Collection of courses, games, etc. - GDToT – Google Drive

Attack Open server Full Course - 855.86 MB file on MEGA

[Udemy] Ethical Hacking with Go programming language: Build tools
Source Link:
Download Link: File on MEGA

United Penetesters - Ethical Hacking Complete Course -

**DEDSEC ANDROID HACKING COURSE - **Complete Course Of Android Hacking – Google Drive

**Software Cracking - ** - 7.61 GB folder on MEGA

**Learn Hacking Windows 10 Using Metasploit From Scratch - ** 1.72 GB folder on MEGA

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1TB Stock Market Trading Courses

700GB Udemy Courses


50TB collection of Books, Courses, Films, Games, Serials, Softwares, Songs and Wallpapers. (Last updated 2020) - Heaven – Google Drive

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I hate you dude. I was just gonna share these.
I also have a backup of the 1 TB stock market courses if anyone wants. Saw some guy selling these courses, so took a backup. Lol

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TO everyone who is reading this , does anyone has vikram prabhu trading course?

Haha :joy: :rofl:
u guys r doing amazing work

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From stock market point of view. I believe, the more people are better educated about markets, the better it is for everyone involved in market.
We have a lot of courses here, but I am particularly looking for 2 courses. If you guys find anything from these two, please dump it here.

  1. SOIC
  2. Vijay Malik

Thanks for the selfless work.

Forget everyone, I suggest you read the post before asking for anything

Update: Going forward this topic will contain all Mega & GDrive folders out there that don’t really fit in a particular section.


Its not difficult to understand

Fastest finger first, bruh!

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Udemy - React, NodeJS, Express & MongoDB - The MERN Fullstack Guide - 7.36 GB folder on MEGA

CPA marketing - 4.87 GB folder on MEGA

Vilppu studio Drawing anatomy lecture: 19.37 GB folder on MEGA

Amazon FBA Heroes - 4.12 GB folder on MEGA

Ecom profit masterclass - 5.08 GB folder on MEGA

Ecomm Elites course - 17.82 GB folder on MEGA

Write Ads that sell - 1.77 GB folder on MEGA

Darrel wilson Divi site builder course - 3.51 GB folder on MEGA

Facebooks ads university - 3.29 GB folder on MEGA

Digital Marketing school - 11.57 GB folder on MEGA

Matt Diggity Affiliate marketing course - 12.46 GB folder on MEGA

Native Ads academy - 6.11 GB folder on MEGA

Advananced Email Marketing - 4.09 GB folder on MEGA



If your lucky, you might find them in a dump. In this you will only find gdrive and mega folders containing multiple courses…you will need to search these links.

Having said that.


Google Drive Links Index

96TB of Anime,Marketing, Wedding, Government, Hacking, Engineering, etc


Price Action Trading AI Brooks

Buiness,Finance,Self Help Books

Persinal Development Books


…this is mind blowing. Slow down good peeps.