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Single file download available in the FREESOFF Course Library


Links Working fine. Thanks :+1:t6:

Thanks bro for this thread

Hi @Sibijay

not able to extract file extension .7z.002

Could you please assist me to extract the file?


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Bro use winrar its working perfectly on my system.

hi bro. how do you extract it with winrar. i copied it to new location and rename the file extension to .rar and .zip but still cannot extract it.

You need both files in the same folder before extrating it

The achieve is either unknown or damaged for part 2 file. i think the file extension got issue. :pensive:

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@Jason_Darren try to extract file using 7zip. if you have an older version of WinRAR it may show it is damaged. try using 7zip

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same the second file cannot be extracted

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tried it . no working as well. It showed : " Cannot open file as archive " :cry:

no need to rename it, winrar supported parts joiner and extracting function so just download the files as it is and right click on first part and extract with the same name.

no need to extract 2nd part because it will be extracted with the first one already. I hope it will help you.

i couldn’t open the file its .001
how can i open it

  1. Make sure both download files are in the same folder
  2. Use WinRar, Peazip or 7Zip to extract the files.

This will not work with Windows Native Compression Manager. i.e. default found on Windows.

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is it updated course or old one ??

Hi I am new here. What is this file for?

Again same problem file download and showing blank after putting password

You had an issue here too. Try using 7zip.
If not sure how to use, please search on Google for instructions.