Copy folder in google drive (Not Add to drive)

As we all know google drive doesn’t allow to make a copy of folders. It allows a ‘Add to drive’ option which is just a shortcut. When original files get deleted the shortcut doesn’t work anymore. This tool can successfully make a copy of folders. Welcome :slight_smile:

Link: gdrive-copy


is that cloud transfer based or does it use my bandwidth to transfer?

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my bad! it indeed uses bandwidth but you can resume after 1-2 min

I have a better method to do this using google colab and it does not use your personal bandwidth

You can get all your data copy to your drive by using Google Colab.
Just follow the simple steps to get that.

  1. On your drive, create a shortcut to the shared folder
  2. Open
  3. Create new Notebook
  4. Mount your google drive by doing the following:
from google.colab import drive
  1. Type:
%cd /gdrive/My\ Drive/Name-of-shared-folder-shortcut
  1. Type pwd to check the current path. It should start like this /gdrive/.shortcut-targets-by-id/yoursharedfoldernameetc .
    Copy this path.
  2. Run this:
!cp -r 'above-copy-path/.' '/gdrive/My Drive/destinantion-path'

And there you go. It will start copying all shared folder content to your destination folder.


Thanks for the response. I have always used google colab but recently had issues of disconnecting constantly. The bandwidth isn’t an issue because you can resume it again in 1 minute.

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