Copy and paste data at a faster rate

Hi Everyone,

Having trouble when copy and paste data (Slow Transfer)

Here is the solution of a software called Primo Cache
It has both a free version and a paid Version

Full version can be downloaded from the Free software sites that i had posted:

Here is a tutorial:


There were many before like Teracopy, Ultracopy etc,

This all softwares, affect your ram in long run; Your ram gets damaged, Instead upgrade ram if ther’s slot or use USB as ram there are software for that too. In that way you will get a temp ram for some-time :heart:


yeah but a pro at copy paste is blackbox extension…it even copies text from videos

Bro we are talking about copying data and not copying text
Blackbox is a Chome extension and its good for copying only text from video

ohhhhh ma bad.sorry dude i misread that

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