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What is FrontendExpert?

• Frontend Interview Questions
Frontend interviews require a lot of experience building complex frontend features. We’ve carefully selected 40 frontend coding questions to provide you with all the practice you need.

• HTML Crash Course
The bedrock of frontend development, HTML is deceptively simple. Our HTML crash course equips you with all the knowledge you need to genuinely understand HTML.

• CSS Crash Course
Love it or hate it, frontend development without CSS is hardly frontend development. Our CSS crash course teaches you the ins and outs of CSS to tackle any CSS challenge.

• JavaScript Crash Course
Perhaps the quirkiest of programming languages, JavaScript lies at the heart of frontend engineering. Our JavaScript crash course covers every aspect of the language you need to know.

• React Crash Course
With frontend engineering come frameworks, and with frameworks comes React. Our React crash course gives you the practical knowledge you need to be a true frontend expert.

• Web Dev Fundamentals
As if mastering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript weren’t enough, understanding web systems is a must for frontend interviews. Our web dev fundamentals crash course lets you do just that.

• Frontend Quiz
Frontend interviews require a breadth of knowledge about frontend development. We’ve carefully curated a 50-question quiz to test your understanding of popular frontend concepts.

• Recruiting Profile & Certificate
Landing technical interviews can be harder than passing them. Once you earn the FrontendExpert Certificate, we refer you to tech companies so you can directly start their interview process.
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anonfiles links do not seem to be working. Are there updated links to the files? Thanks.


Well, they work just fine.

pls fixed this link as it is not working

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