- Collection of 10 Animation & Cinema 4D Courses

Coloso – C4D High quality shading & lighting completed with redshift

Coloso - Human Body Drawing Based on Anatomy - Part 1 Part 2

Coloso - Anime Styled Character Illustration Course with Seoji

Coloso - Solid basic theory to learn with casual characters by mogoon

Coloso - Heo Sung Moo - Dynamic and Stylish Character Design Course

Coloso - Oh Seoro - Animation Course Video

Coloso – Nessi – Character Design Course

Coloso - Mastering Photorealistic Rendering in Cinema 4D

Coloso Cinema 4D Motion Designer Traning (Basic to Master)

Coloso - Introduction to human body figure drawing (kimrockhe) Part 1 Part 2

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Thank you for the share :slight_smile:

Thanks but do these contain subtitle?? cuz m not korean


friend could you help me with the download of cinema 4d + render? Where can I download it and get it working properly?
All the downloads I tried gave an error in the render, I don’t know which version of cinema 4d + which renderer to download, thanks!

Kindly provide English Subtitles of
“Coloso Cinema 4D Motion Designer Traning (Basic to Master)” i have downloaded but it in Korena Language.

Thanks and regards

Wow!!! Thank you so much :grin:

can you upload it to google drive, please?

can you add english sub for mogoon course?

Hi @Sibijay
Thank you for sharing

does Coloso - Introduction to human body figure drawing includes subtitle