Collection of mega links

i grouped some mega links to one place , it might be helpful for some.these links are from freesoff,onhack, tradtalk and some other i didnt remember ,but thanks to all those people who shared them and i just grouped some . all credits goes to them
link : decryption key

File folder on MEGA : CraErGB2OJtQg-dje5tE0g

File folder on MEGA : 0jZhVQxFfNhblEthFQa2mw

updated :File folder on MEGA
201.47 GB folder on MEGA

and backup if possible
use mega accounts so save favourite course ,create using .mails and import them


AWESOME SHARE BRO :raised_hands:

Thanks a lot for sharing this. Does anyone has any method to speed up the zipping process of Mega download. As I have fast internet connection but file takes forever to get zipped first before download gets start.

Use MegaBasterd for downloading files without zipping them. It’s the best for downloading contents of an entire folder at once.

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request to please update the link

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Dear Pluralas_asd,

Can you please kindly re-share the links.
The folders are missing in those links.
Looks expired.

Kindly Re-share link bro

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oh … updated bro see

if anyone has uploaded them to g drive please share as the link here will expire soon and i dont have that much empty space on my laptop!!

well can ihave the link?

reshare the links plz

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could you please update the link
folder is removed

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