Coding Blocks Competitive Programming

Coding Blocks Competitive Programming



  • Pigeonhole
  • Probability
  • Expectation
  • Coupon collector
  • Matrix exponentiation
  • Inclusion-Exclusion

Number Theory

  • LCM
  • GCD
  • Prime factorization
  • Totient
  • Sieves
  • Mathematical Theorems
  • CRT
  • Euclid’s method
  • Linear Diophantine Equations

Divide and Conquer

  • Classical problems
  • Binary search applications

Recursion and Backtracking

  • Problems of variable levels
  • Backtracking using Bitmasks

Dynamic Programming

  • Linear recurrences
  • 2-D and 3-D DP
  • DP using Bitmasks

Greedy Algorithms

  • Classical and interesting problems from CodeChef and SPOJ

Segment Trees

  • Segment trees
  • Lazy propagation
  • Fenwick tree
  • BIT


  • Types
  • Implementation
  • Traversals
  • Shortest paths
  • Min spanning trees
  • Topological sorting
  • Bipartite graphs
  • Cycle detection
  • Union-find
  • Other algorithms

Game Theory

  • Basics
  • Nim-game
  • Grundy number
  • Mex Fn
  • Sprague Grundy theorem

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thanks for these wonderful lectures , please upload the missing lectures of this course if you can

Really appreciate @Hemanth. Thank you so much for sharing the course. But there is some missing part if possible then please update or share the source or any thing that’s how we could recover.
Happy Learning…!

really thankful for this, but there’s almost 48 lectures missing in the course… it will be very nice if you could upload the remaining lectures .

this is the list of lectures missing :

12 to 16,24,33,34,50,64,67-70,74,77,79, 81 to 88, 106,107,108,110,115,122,137,141 to 152

where can i practice problems?

I want competitive programming course in bengali.

Suggestion: Get used to with English lectures, that’ll help you in long run…!

hello, How you guys are downloading huge files through mega. They provide only 50 GB storage and 35 GB expires after one month of signup.
Can you please help me? bypass the download limit.
First of all, we’re going to need two programs:

Psiphon VPN


If you already use Megadownloader check that you have version 1.7, if not, you can download it from the link. Psiphon will be responsible for allowing us to download beyond the limit, although if too much is abused, it can fail a few times, but just don’t exaggerate (10 GB per hour, for example).


The first thing to do is to stop all downloads (square button), then open the Psiphon and connect. Once connected will open a window in the browser, which we could close without problem, but the Psiphon is left open.


When connecting we will go to our Megadownloader with the downloads entered into the program (As a recommendation to do it with 10 downloads to take advantage of it)


Then we start all downloads and when we see “Downloading” with 0.00 KB, go to the Psiphon and hit the “Disconnect” button.


Once the Psiphon is disconnected, we wait a few seconds, and the mega downloader should have resumed the downloads entered. This is a Freeware it won’t charge anything.


I recommend that if we’re going to download a lot of files, let’s upload the number of downloads, preferably covering all of them to take advantage of the use of Psiphon, which we can generally use as much as we want. Besides, it is important to point out that this doesn’t always work, since what Psiphon allows is to extend a little more the download limit of the Mega itself, so in case it doesn’t work anymore, after having downloaded, we will have to wait a certain time, until the bandwidth of the Mega page allows us to download more.


Thank you so much for sharing this.
Please share the missing videos also.
I will help you with re uploading if the download link goes down.
I have 50 mbps connection with unlimited bandwidth
I am just new to this site and I am loving it!

heyy can anyone please share the googledrive link consists of codingblocks competitive programming course

mega link is there.if you want i can share that


If anyone has downloaded RBR interview course, can someone please share only CS core (OS,DBMS,Networks)?
Some videos are missing in other courses.

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can you share rbr interview course bro.

I dont have it. I have only GFG and Interview Prep by Applied.

Ok bro. Even in applied course some stuff are missing. But it is still better than not having anything

can u provide link of interview prep by applied ai (complete course)

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This might be the one ur looking for…