Code With Mosh - Mastering Next.js 13 with TypeScript (Part 1) 2023 Update 🤟

Mastering Next.js 13 with TypeScript

Everything you need to build full-stack applications with Next.js 13+ (App Router) and TypeScript

What You’ll Learn

  • Confidently build full-stack apps with Next.js 13+ and TypeScript
  • Style Next.js applications with Tailwind or CSS modules
  • Implement routing and navigation using the new App router
  • Build RESTful APIs
  • Use Prisma to integrate your Next.js apps with a database
  • Handle file uploads
  • Implement user authentication with NextAuth.js
  • Send beautifully styled emails
  • Optimize your apps for performance and SEO
  • Deploy your Next.js apps
  • Use VSCode shortcuts to increase your productivity
  • Apply the latest techniques and best practices
  • Troubleshoot errors with ease

A perfectly structured course

Course Content

5 Hours . 12 Sections . 110 Lessons


You don’t need prior knowledge of Next.js to take this course. However, you should have some basic knowledge of React and TypeScript.

Here are the courses we recommend if you need to strengthen the fundamentals.

React 18 for Beginners

A step-by-step guide to building web apps with React 18+ and TypeScript

Mastering Next.js 13 with TypeScript MEGA Drive
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(Note: I only have access to the videos, nothing else like subtitles, etc. Plus has uploaded the videos on someone else’s mega accounts. :upside_down_face: so get it and do keep a backup of it in case it goes down and please do share if it does go down.)

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Thanks a lot for the first part. Can you upload the 2nd part as well ?

It’s not released yet…

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Please upload code with mosh the ultimate Docker course

Code With Mosh - The Ultimate Docker Course
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I need with subtitles bro

Please can I get any dart and flutter course

Can you upload the ultimate typescript course - code with mosh please ??

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Do you have Ultimate TypeScript Course? Thank you!

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Can you please add a summary PDF of every section ?
it helps to understand more

Sorry for that. Whatever access I had has been shared. I can’t do more.

Bro I have mentioned in the thread that I only have access to the videos. maybe if someone else have can share.

@Jaya_D_Unkno @mansor
CodeWithMosh - The Ultimate TypeScript Course
Decryption Key: 5HDQrB6WRGlFGgClMhiG_g
Backup ASAP Not My Drive…

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Flutter & Dart - The Complete Guide [2022 Edition]
I have access to this one, but you can’t watch it online because it is compressed and uploaded in Winrar.
So you will need to download.
If Asked for Password use this Password link

@Kashi10 Please put The ultimate Next 13 course from JS mastery pro Ultimate Next13 Course | JS Mastery its very necessary bro please