CLUBHOUSE - Forum Support Channel is Live!

It gives us great pleasure to offically announce the launch of our support channel, The Clubhouse. Created especially for general chat and forum support.

We believe this channel will resolve the clutter we see in most threads.

So, what’s permitted in the Channel

  1. General chat
  2. Download issues (Corrupt downloads, issues when merging multiple files, etc. NO REQUESTS
  3. Password issues (Passwords unavailable, Password not working, how to enter passwords)
  4. Profile edit requirest (email address changes, profile edits, account deletion, etc.)
  5. User support (Bans, suspensions, etc.)

What’s not permitted

  1. Requesting for software or courses.
  2. Sharing links (Only support links permitted)


Another busy and fun day for @Sibijay
Great touch man, hopefully it’ll be helpful to every members here :+1: