Cloud Computing For Dummies, 2nd Edition ($21 Value)

Cloud computing is no longer just a clever new toy in the world of IT infrastructure. Despite the nebulous name, it’s become a real and important part of our information architecture—and tech professionals who ignore it or try to skim their way through risk falling behind rapidly. The new edition of Cloud Computing For Dummies gets you up to speed fast, clarifying your Cloud options, showing you where can save you time and money, giving you ways to frame your decisions, and helping you avoid weeks of research.

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In a friendly, easy-to-follow style, Cloud Computing For Dummies, 2nd Edition demystifies the Cloud’s virtual landscape, breaking up a complex and multi-layered topic into simple explanations that will make the various benefits clear and ultimately guide you toward making the most appropriate choices for your organization.

Know the business case for the Cloud
Understand hybrid and multi-cloud options
Develop your Cloud strategy
Get tips on best practices

The Cloud is everywhere, and it can deliver amazing benefits to our lives and businesses. Get a much clearer vision of exactly how with Cloud Computing For Dummies—and you’ll begin to see that the sky really is the limit!



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