Close to 1tb of PREMIUM TRADING COURSE (for those who missed it last time)

Enjoy :wink:
This is the torrent magnet link :



How to open this link

please upload the torrent file, please!! magnet is not working!!

how to open the link
2.copy the link above
3.paste and go
(to your favorite browser)
open the program click plus(+)

does it have enough seeders??? someone please reply

@Legion_world Enough seeds available.


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but but but, lets see till when a seeder comes to life… fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:t3: :crossed_fingers:t3:

Please can someone help with mega drive link i dont have unlimited data

Pls admin help me with the mega link

this is not mega link
It’s torrent


Lock this post admin!! TORRENT DEAD!!

Please see this video, it will help you

bro xD I used the magnet in my seedbox too and telegram bot. Its a dead torrent. stopped after 50% no seeders are active!! please show your download speed?

I already have this in my drive
But I can see the download speed is over 1mbps

If possible please upload part by part in google drive!

I am already seeding these torrents

Yes i know try downloading with colab but not working no seeders

Pls kindly upload to drive