ChatGPT Mirrors Updated

Awesome Free ChatGPT

:rocket: List of free ChatGPT( mirror sites, continuously updated.

:open_book: List


  • in no particular order

  • [ :free: ] use without restriction

  • [ :closed_lock_with_key: ] limited use, need to enter API key or login

  • [ :bell: ] GPT4 available

  • [ :books: ] more than ChatGPT

  • [ :construction: ] Under construction

Similar to the official website style

chatgpt-demo style

Other styles



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An amazing list. Timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Appreciate the share.


It’s really impressive. You’re doing amazing. !!

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ah! Bookmark material right here. Thanks!

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all are 3.5 version GPT
version 4 needed api keys waste of time!


Waste of time?

What’s wrong with having the previous version? I think its helpful to anyone trying to understand what its all about.

Don’t tell me you have the latest versions of every software on your computer/laptop, including the OS. The previous version still has the required features. The new ones are just an upgrade.

If you are looking for the latest version, why not request for it?


Hi @Akash_Hasendra
Thank you for sharing

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@sibijay you are taking me wrong, if you sharing content to anyone you must test it first whether its successfully working or not then only share with others!

and GPT 4 is giving extra and more accurate and updated information than GPT 3/3.5!


I believe it is important to remember that the purpose of sharing free resources is to promote knowledge-sharing and community building. Whether or not someone chooses to use the resources shared is ultimately up to them, but dismissing them without trying them out or considering their potential value seems shortsighted.

also, I think it is important to focus on the positives that these resources can bring to the community. Instead of solely focusing on the latest technology, we should strive to build a supportive and welcoming environment where we can all collaborate and grow together. Let us approach conversations with an open mind and a willingness to learn from one another.


Appreciate you Work to collect all these websites!

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Is there any chatggpt api ? to use

Thank you! so much for all of it!

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I have found some playground site but not sure about any other API, i will check on it :v: