ChatGPT as career booster

Prompt Engineering | Enhance your career with AI | Work smarter not harder thanks to ChatGPT | Deliver more with less

This ChatGPT course is the perfect fit for you! It might be the tool you needed to take the next step in your career. ChatGPT is bound to become a new essential job skill - just like googling or mastering Microsoft Office. Impress your boss with your AI-improved high efficiency and productivity.

What you’ll learn

  • How to use ChatGPT: you will go from a complete beginner to advanced expert
  • Learn to use ChatGPT in your day to day office work
  • Learn prompt engineering: you will unlock the hidden productivity secrets of ChatGPT only experts know
  • Use ChatGPT like a pro: best practices, structural patterns and modifiers
  • The secrets of writing effective ChatGPT prompts: Learn what differentiates beginners from pros:
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Hi @Sibijay
The ChatGPt come to us in november 30 of 2022, my question: Do you (your sincere opinion) think that people had time to learn enough in that time period to become an expert and master?


I have no idea.

But whatever information is available is better than no info at all, no?


Ok, now for us Brazillians OpenAI give the chance to change to a paid plan ChatGPT Plus and I made a youtube video with the Plus and all the news in ChatGPT and this is the first video about this matter.
ChatGPT Plus and News

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Thank you very much.