ChatGPT 4 AI Chrome Extension

This plugin was quite helpful to me. It offers a lot of features and is completely free.

You only need a ChatGPT account to use this addon. Very easy to use.

This chatgpt is said to use ChatGPT 4. But because I’m a free user, I don’t know how chatgpt 4 works. As a result, I need you to test it for yourself.

Link : Extension



Thanks for sharing, sadly where I reside, ChatGPT does not work.

Did you link it to your chatGPT account?

Hi, use VPN, can be a free one.

Hi @Alvindo_Putra
Thank you for sharing

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Thanks a lot brother,

Thanks for sharing your positive experience with this plugin! It’s great to hear that it has been helpful to you and that it offers a lot of useful features. And you’re right, using ChatGPT is very easy, and the fact that it’s free makes it even more appealing.

I thought it wasnt going to work but it did Its a very nice tool