Chase Hughes - 6-Minute X-Ray

The 6MX is unlike any course on earth for people-reading. It had a single purpose: give our operatives the most surgical skills in existence to speed-read people in the field. What you’ll find in this course is a comprehensive system build through decades of hard-won research and experimentation in the most arduous conditions known to man.

This system not only had to be razor sharp, it had to deliver results fast. The stakes were high, and failure wasn’t on the table.

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Hi, Do you have any other Chase Hughes Courses?

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I have just Chase Hughes: The Ellipsis Manual: Analysis and engineering of human behavior

Of course if you have torrents or other download links available, I’ll be more than glad to transfer them to a faster and simpler download service.


Thanks for uploading Chase’s material. I would have loved to compare it with what I learned from my copy of Joe Navarro’s book, but I give up. My god these links and the difficulty they present with low speed, and constant disconnection reminds me of the early 2000’s horror of downloading files through Rapidshare. is still a Gem IMO, I wonder why not also upload it onto Mega and keep the other links as a source of backup if you must.


thx buddy for this! <3 do you have more chase hughes course i would really like to have everything on this guy :smiley:

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