Can someone teach me Facebook Ads

Hi guys!
Hope your all Good
I will not waste you’re time … .

As I’ve learned Fb ads marketing through various platforms… and have some stratagies but no experience as I have no expereince I can Work For free for anyone to gain expereince to make my portfolio, and I want to check my own capabilities too.

What I’m able to proivde:

  • Will work for Free and (If doing good job and got inspired you can hire me) :slight_smile: - can Provide 3-4 hours/day easily.

As a Begginer (Maybe you have to teach me some of the things)
I’m sure you’ll be

Why I don’t do freelancing? :slightly_smiling_face:
As I’m a begginer and have no expreince I don’t want to go on freelance platefroms … that’s why … I want to wrok for free to gain some experience … and then I’ll go on freelance platforms.

Haziq Riaz


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