Can Someone Help Me With Crypto?

Hei guys. I would like to know, Is there someone here using crypto?

I want to start my journey with crypto. But i’m still confuse about how do i start with crypto.
I’ve tried watching tutorial in youtube. But i still luck of confidence to start with. Since i saw my friend coins dissapeared sometimes ago. First, He got a lot of coin, the amount of that coins is ridiculous, he don’t know where that coins come from. After that all of his coins GONE. :scream::scream: It freak me out. His money gone, and he can’t do anything about it. He ask everywhere, but they said that he have to let it go, because the coin won’t back. :cry: It sad tho.

So, is there any way to prevent that to happen to me, who still newbie and want to start with crypto?
Enlighten me, please. :pray:


I can help you out bro

Tip for you: If you get free coins, do not touch them. Leave them as is.

there is no way the coin will disappear, check that address in blockchain

What would be the options after we track the wallet?

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And, your solution?
Kindly share it here with me.
Because i would like to start crypto as payment.

The thing is. My friend so happy that he got a lot of coins. And then i don’t know what he is doing until his coins dissapeared.

How to check it?
Because the coin just pop up itself.


It does not just pop itself. Your friend might have tried to sell it.
In the crypto world, you should not give your seed phrase to anyone, and you should not authenticate your wallet with any bogus contract. Then you are safe.


And be aware of any so-called crypto gurus out there :slight_smile:
Once you enter the crypto world, you will find lots of scammers. So, just be careful and remember the above rule.


Thanks for the advice. I Will keep that in mind. :pray:

which wallet is he using? or he is using exchange?

suppose you are using trust wallet then it will give you address for all blockchain. If that coin is in erc20 blockchain then you check on ethereum blockchain.

Don’t know which wallet or exchange? But all I wanted to know is what happens next when you track where your coin ends up.

Oke, i Will try trust wallet then. Thanks for the advice. :pray:


which wallet your friend was using

Hello mate
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