Can anyone recommend me SEO best course?

Can anyone recommend me SEO best course which is available on this plateforms.


Authority Hacker - Authority Site System, Adam enfroy - Blog Growth Engine, Matt Diggity - The Affiliate Lab.


These are more focused on Affiliate Marketing although they use good SEO technics as well. Some Udemy SEO courses are good enough for a start a blog or even an agency.

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Another FREE courses by Neil Patel:
Link here


Adam Enfroy - Blog Growth Engine 2.0


Thanks a lot. Really appreciate

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I don’t know if this course is on this platform. But I have seen someone offering (have tested and works very well) free courses on Skillshare.
I have watched so many courses, and this one is the best for beginners:
“The Ultimate SEO Training 2022 + SEO For WordPress Website”.
Joshua George is the author. And he has over 10 courses on SEO, building SEO agency, Copywriting and much more. Check him out!
You will not be disappointed : )
Good luck sir!


Yes, Joshua has the same course published on Udemy as well. That’s what I mentioned on first reply post. You can find very goods beginner friendly courses on Udemy and that one from Joshua is one of them :slight_smile:

From UDEMY: The Ultimate SEO Training 2022 + SEO For Wordpress Websites

The course is great and beginner friendly.
I just saw it’s already mentioned.

Have a look at this - beginner friendly:


been looking for Yoast SEO Academy course. still not leaked anywhere on web.

I gave up looking for it but there are few YT tutorials you can find for a specific module.

bro create a request and post the course’s link you want. Community is very help. Admin or someone sure help you out.

Do you have authority hacker course ??