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Single File download available from the FREESOFF Course Library


Hi @Sibijay , thanks for sharing. I have a problem, when I try to unzip it doesn’t succeed, it finishes with an error, could you chek it please?

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Please provide a screenshot of this error?


Here you are. I’m using 7-zip to unzip files

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have the same prblm any solution?

Thanks for the update. was the password used.
Are you having a problem with just one files or the entire course?, & have to be in the same folder before extracting it. Begin extraction from zip.001.

Sir can you please upload this to torrent?
And How can i join free course library sir?

Hi @Sibijay
I did use the password
All downloaded files are in the same folder.
Actually, after read your reply, opened first file in 7-zip and then unzip just specific files and it worked. It seems that the file causing problems is - ADA 09_26_21.mp4 inside Part 6 - Live Trades folder.

PS: Is it possible that you can share this course Cameron Fous – IKNK Trading Accelerator?, just asking, hope you can.

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@Sibijay Hi again. You know, I realized that this course is “Cameron Fous – Dekrypton” not Krypton. Could you check?

If you have Cameron Fous - The Krypton Crypto System 2021 Update ( please share it.

Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve asked the admins to change the title.
Google Drive video link

this is the problem i am facing most of the time while extracting the file bro
i recorded 1 min video what is happening while extracting the file
and [] extracted without any issues and [],[] is the problem it is saying can not open the file archive ,
it will be more helpful if record a video of solving the problem , because every one will be benefited from the video and videos in the youtube is not working

Hi @systeme_io , the first time I wrote here the was that when i wanted to unzip the process finished with an error. So what I did is open the first file with 7zip and then navigate and unzip by dragging each folder outside.

But today I just downloaded all files again to make a video as you requested and then try to unzip by right click the first file (…zip.001) → 7zip → extract here → paste the password and it worked without problems, so I think that when downloading the file somehow got corrupted.

My advice: try downloading all again in a different folder and then unzip using 7zip (I used anonfiles links)

Hope this help

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I had problems unzipping the files.

I just rewrite the ZIP.002 to zip.002, so the 7zip could track the rest of the files.

Extraction successful.

Links are dead :frowning: Can you please re-upload??