Lifetime (4800+ Gift Codes)

thanks for sharing, I really appreciate after so many attempts to verify I’m human and then it tells me the code has been redeemed, I finally get one that worked for me.
Thanks once again!

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From their Gift Card Terms and Conditions page:

  1. Purchase, Redemption, and Eligible Subscriptions

Calm Gift Cards, which constitute pre-paid subscriptions to access Calm Premium (each, a “Subscription”), can be purchased online or at authorized third-party outlets. Gift Cards may be offered in various denominations, including but not limited to 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, and Lifetime Subscriptions, as indicated on the Gift Card. Gift Cards are not valid on any other Calm products or services. Please note that after a Gift Card is purchased, the value cannot be increased.

Can you please read carefully.
Since we were given codes that promised lifetime subscriptions, why are you thinking that it will be downgraded?

I’m happy and grateful I got a LIFETIME subscription. Good luck in getting yours.

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Wait like 5 min and keep trying again. This is the way I go about it and eventually, it worked

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I got a lifetime subscription. i really appreciate


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It worked, thanks amigo!

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thanks, my account activated for lifetime for free

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Hey thank you so much for posting this! I don’t know if its just me, but I haven’t seen a refresh of new codes every 5 mins.

Thanks it worked…I tried multiple times using chrome but none worked…then I tried using phoenix browser and within minutes it worked…everyone please try using some other browser


Worked for me after I kept trying different codes. Thanks

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Keep calm, try again and again.
I got after 30 minutes of trying different codes.
Thanks a lot @Karen_Karen :pray:

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Why would the codes refresh? :face_with_monocle:

The odds of finding working codes are low as most codes have been used. There are a few here and there. Keep trying, and you might get lucky:)

IT WORKED! THANK YOU!!! At first, I tried the codes on Google Chrome browser and kept getting “error redeeming your gift” or “already redeemed”. Someone earlier suggested Phoenix Browser, and it actually worked after just a few tries!

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None of them are working now